Drop in Day for Older Adults

Become an Older Adult Friday member and enjoy any aquatics or fitness class we offer on Fridays! Or, just enjoy the facility. The cost is only $230 for the entire year but you must be 68 or older.  We’ve put together this line-up of Friday programs that are particularly well suited to our Older Adult Members. 


Exercises done in the pool puts less stress on your joints. This enjoyable and fun class works in both shallow and deep ends of pool but you do not need to know how to swim to participate. Flotation devices are provided. Class is free, no registration needed.
Fr                     10:00AM-11:00AM


Exercise, good nutrition and education can significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis and prevent further deterioration of the bones in people who already have the disease. Project HEALTHY BONES is an osteoporosis prevention, exercise and education program for older adults. It is designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility using balance and strength training exercises which target the body's larger muscle groups.
Project HEALTHY BONES will also educate you on the importance of exercise nutrition, safety, drug therapy and lifestyle factors as they relate to osteoporosis


See Member Services Desk for medical form and more details. Non-members welcome at $50 for a 7-week session.


12:30PM - 1:45PM



** member/ non-member fee.


This is the gentlest from of yoga. Chair yoga is easier for those with less limber muscles. It is ideal for people with high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo, MS, carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, and for anyone who finds it difficult to get up from or down to the floor. Class is held every first Friday of the month. Free with membership.


A fit and supple body is developed through the practice of postures (asanas). Taken from various Yoga disciplines, the asanas are taught with attention to correct positioning of the body so that each individual part as well as the various physiological systems can function to their best potential. Standing postures and breathing are emphasized in this class. Free with membership.


By doing strength and stability exercises regularly, you can help reduce your risk of injury from an accident. Class incorporates balance techniques with strength exercises. Over time, you will notice that you feel steady and more confident when you move and engage in daily activities. Free with membership.


This low-impact cardio workout is designed with the older adult in mind. You will start out with a warm-up and stretch, an easy to follow 20 minute cardio routine, muscle strengthening, and end with a cool down/relaxation. The first Friday of the month will be a Chair Yoga class. Free with membership.

You are also welcome to participate at the non-member rate in the following program.


In cooperation with the Arthritis Foundation, this class is designed for people with arthritis or those with limited range of motion. Our trained instructor guides participants through gentle actions in the water (pool is kept at 84 degrees) that can help decrease pain and stiffness.


10:45AM - 11:30AM



** member/ non-member fee.

(open to ages 55 and over)
1st Friday of the Month
Start your day off right and join us for a cuppa joe! Meet some of your member friends and neighbors while enjoying a snack and a cup of coffee. It’s free, no registration needed. No sign up - just drop in!