Our programs are designed to work with children of all ages and abilities. We focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, body awareness, flexibility, balance, coordination, skill development, and creativity. At the same time, children build their self-esteem and confidence as they develop a lifelong desire for physical fitness and learning.

enrichment & combo

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NATURE & OUTDOORS (2-3 Years, with parent) Open to Non-Members

Our staff will facilitate a nature based spring curriculum filled with exciting activities to keep everyone engaged. Nature walks, songs, stories and nature art projects are all part of the fun. 
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Tu 9:45-10:30 AM YPENATURE Members: $58.00, Non-Members: $87.00
Note:  Classes will be held indoors if necessary due to weather. ATTENTION

All Non-Members must sign a photo/hold harmless release in order to participate in programs.  Please print, sign and return to Member Services Desk upon or before attending the first class.

Photo Release and Hold Harmless

GYM & FUN (2-3 Years no need to be Potty Trained)

We believe through art, music, social play stations, story time and physical activities, children will gain confidence, curiosity, communication and a love of learning. Please pack a light snack and drink. No need to be potty trained.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Mo, We 10:00-11:00 AM YPEGYMFUN 1 Day: $72, 2 Days: $102

SWIM, GYM & FUN (3-5 Years Potty Trained)

Sports and games combined with a 1/2-hour swim lesson, promotes healthy exercise, self control, and good habits. Please pack a light nutritional snack.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Th 9:15 AM-12:00 PM YPESGF 1 Day: $102, 2 Days: $145

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) (4-7 Years)

This class is about problem solving, having fun, and figuring things out. Your curious child will enjoy the "why" and "how" of critical thinking and develop problem solving skills in the process.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29 4-5 Yr. Olds

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Sa 10:15-10:45 AM YPESTEM1 $68.00
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29 6-7 Yr. Olds

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Sa 10:45-11:15 AM YPESTEM2 $72.00

GYM/SWIM FOR HOMESCHOOLERS (5-11 Years) Open to Non-Members

Calling all home schoolers!  The Y is now offering a gym/swim component filled with 40 minutes of physical education and 30 minutes of swim time. Our dedicated and experienced staff will be sure to stimulate your young ones creativity, while focusing on sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill building. 

Please bring a snack or light lunch. 

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TUCK, TUMBLE & JUMP (3-4 Years)

This beginning level gymnastics class will introduce gymnastic equipment and teach beginner terminology. Kids will improve strength, coordination and flexibility while introducing new skills.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    12:30 -1:00 PM
    4:00 -4:30 PM
    9:15 -9:45 AM
    YPETTJ 1 Day: $58, 2 Days: $82, 3 Days: $102


This class will focus on proper warm-up , skill development, flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance while working on high-beam, bars, and more advanced mat equipment.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Sa 9:15-10:00 AM YPEBEGGYM $58.00

GYMNASTICS (6 years and up)

Designed for beginner to intermediate levels, this class will focus on increasing coordination, balance, and strength through various events including bars, beam, floor and vault to allow for the development of newer and more complex skills. Our highly trained and energetic staff will get your little gymnast to the next level!
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Sa 9:45-11:00 AM YPEGYM $72.00

TUMBLING & GYMNASTICS (6 Years and up)

For beginner to intermediate levels, this class will emphasize tumbling skills. Equipment may be set up weekly, including the beam, and vault to increase coordination, balance, and strength.

  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Tu 4:45-5:45 PM YPETUMGYM $72.00


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BALLET (3-6 Years)

Children will be introduced to ballet terminology, positions and movements as they learn floor and barre exercises, set to both modern and classical music.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    12:45 -1:15 PM
    10:30 -11:00 AM
    YPEBALLET 1 Day: $68, 2 Days: $94
Suggested attire: leotard, tights and ballet slippers.


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Each week your child will explore their athletic abilities and gain valuable instruction in a non-competitive environment. Soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, t-ball, and mini golf are all part of the line-up.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29 3 Yr. Olds

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Mo, We 1:15-1:45 PM YPEROOKIE1 1 Day: $58, 2 Days: $82
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29 4-5 Yr. Olds

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Mo, We 1:45-2:15 PM YPEROOKIE2 1 Day: $58, 2 Days: $82
*NOTE: We have swapped the times since brochure publishing so 1:15 time slot will be for 3 year olds and 1:45 slot will be for 4-5 year olds.


Our instructor will emphasize the foundations of Karate, physical fitness and concentration. Children will be rewarded for their hard work and advancement with their very own belt, and eventually, stripes.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Th 1:15-1:45 PM YPEKARATE1 $68.00
    Th 1:45-2:15 PM YPEKARATE2 $68.00
*NOTE: Times have changed since brochure published.

INDOOR SOCCER (5-10 Years)

Interested and excited to try indoor soccer? Learn the rules and strategies of indoor play, while fine tuning your skills! All levels welcomed. This is a great lead up to our popular leagues in the fall and winter months.
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    Mo 5:30-6:30 PM YPESOCCER $72.00


Designed to prepare players for the upcoming winter basketball league which begins next session, we will focus on the many aspects of the game. From the basics of dribbling to the responsibilities of a zone defense, players of all skill levels will be engaged and challenged in a safe and age-appropriate manner. This clinic is a great way for new players to be introduced to and experience the game, while more experienced players will be exposed to strategic concepts applied during the game. Warm ups, drills through fun games and practice on a team make this a must try!
  • FALL I SESSION: Sep 11 - Oct 29

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
    We 5:30-6:30 PM YPEBBALL $72.00

individuals with developmental challenges

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This new fitness program is designed to make fitness fun and engaging for individuals with developmental disabilities. Classes will consist of group and individual fitness activities and games, dance, yoga, and circuit training and fitness stations. Once fitness assessments have been completed a schedule of weekly activities will be provided.

    DaysStart - EndCodePrice
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Participant Profile If you have not completed this document in the past year please print, complete and return before attending class.

Non-Member Photo Release & Waiver All non-members must submit this form.

FREE DROP-IN Youth Fun & Fitness

  • YOGA (7-12 Years)

  • KIDS ZONE (6-14 Years)

Fit Kids


(7-11 Years)

Our goal is to improve the overall health of children. We will provide all the training to accommodate any fitness level. First-time participants or aspiring athletes will benefit from this innovative program. Our qualified staff will motivate your child through fun and challenging workouts.

One-hour sessions are customized to your child's schedule. Contact Youth Sports Director to book. Packages include:
  • Initial Fitness Evaluation
  • Nutritional Plan and Journal
  • Custom Workouts

Choose your option:
10 weeks at once per week, $250
10 weeks at twice per week, $400

Bring a buddy* and you both save $50 per 10-week session!
$200 per child once a week
$350 per child twice a week
*Program participants must be members and must train together.